Everyone knows that testosterone is the essence of maleness. Yes, testosterone makes men masculine, but testosterone is also present in small amounts in women, and aids libido in both genders. For years, the medical community has sent the message to men that testosterone is bad because it leads to heart disease and prostate cancer. That’s simply not true. On the Perfect 10 Diet, testosterone is positively worshipped. In men, adequate testosterone levels prevent heart disease, and testosterone has no link whatsoever to prostate cancer.

About TestosteroneThe male ideal is wide shoulders, a muscular chest and arms, a narrow waist, and strong legs. You can’t attain that ideal unless you eat foods that support this important hormone, such as animal products and cholesterol-rich foods. And testosterone is not just a sex hormone—it’s a total body hormone. In adult males, testosterone is necessary to maintain muscle mass and strength, bone mass, normal hair growth, libido, and sperm production. It also keeps us fit and lean.

As a result of 40 years of the low-fat dogma, the average U.S. man is more out of shape than his 1960s predecessor. Low-fat diets lower testosterone, make it harder for you to build muscle, and make it easier for you to gain fat. In the 1980s the average testosterone level in men was around 600; now it’s closer to 400. Insecticides, hormones, the elimination of natural fats from our diet, and excess sugar screwed up this important hormone. Also, cortisol, the stress hormone that promotes fat storage, is testosterone’s mortal enemy.

If you want to look like a god, eat like a man. That means plenty of animal products, butter, egg yolks, and whole milk—not margarine, skim milk, or soy milk—to support your testosterone production. Don’t worry about making too much testosterone, because producing too much naturally is never a problem. Abuse of testosterone from unnatural sources, such as anabolic steroids, can lead to acne, oily skin, and decreased fertility.

Do you have low testosterone levels? Are you taking Viagra to get an erection? Don’t despair—the Perfect 10 Diet will help you. Will the diet transform you into one of those hulking figures on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine? Of course not. Those guys commit their lives to exercising regularly in order to look like Greek gods. But you will look your best on the Perfect 10 Diet plan.