Perfect 10 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Here are 5 simple tips for losing weight during the holidays while still eating foods you love: 

1. Melt the chocolate and add fruit: One way to cut on calories on the chocolate is to melt the chocolate and place on strawberries or other fruits. It cuts the calories significantly and saves you from all the excess sugar. It is smart move that makes a great healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth with antioxidants, vitamins, and helps fill you up nicely. Now it is good for you and guilt free.

2. Mix the alcohol: From gifts to parties, we know that alcohol is flowing during the holiday season. Cut the calories, not the fun, by mixing the vodka with seltzer, or add water to the wine. It is a smart move that cuts the sugar from the alcohol, and the calories.         

3. Limit fruits to 2 a day: Raiding fruit baskets is not always a healthy alternative.  Fruits contain fructose, a sugar that is only used by the liver. Excess fructose is always stored as fat. The max amount of fructose we should consume in 1 day is 15 gram – about two servings of fruit.  Do not think you will be doing yourself a favor by eating a lot of fruit – it will go directly to your waistline. But, sticking to the two servings/day is a good idea – fruit fills you up and satisfies your sweet tooth.

4. Ask what is being served when eating away from home: Be prepared ahead of time by knowing what you should eat and what you should avoid. Tell your friends or family politely that you have some food restrictions or the truth – that you're watching your waistline. There is nothing offensive about being honest.  Bring your own food if you have to. This is your health, and friends and family will appreciate that you’re taking charge of it.   

5. Know what to eat and what to throw away from those huge gift baskets: Nuts are great to have as daily snack. Keep the salmon and caviar keep. You don't have to throw away the crackers, just have with some cheese instead of jelly – it will reduce the amount of crackers as cheese will fill you up. Throw away food with preservatives and trans fats.