Real Results—Patricia's Perfect 10 Diet Success Story

Starting weight: 184 lbs.
Current weight: 149 lbs.

Patricia Dowling is a 28-year-old woman currently living in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Patricia, like many people, noticed that when working a full-time job—lunches on-the-go, snacks in the office, and less time to exercise—a person’s health tends to slip on the priority scale. Patricia began gaining weight while working as a pharmaceuticals salesperson in New York and soon reached a weight of 184 pounds.

Due to the nature of her career, she frequented the offices of Midtown Integrative Medicine, where she met Dr. Michael Aziz. After a few visits, Patricia began to notice Dr. Aziz was losing weight while exuding a wonderfully positive energy. Unhappy with her current lifestyle and feeling exhausted, she inquired as to what kind of lifestyle changes he was making to improve his physique and overall wellness. It was at this point that Dr. Aziz offered to test Patricia’s hormone levels and introduced her to the Perfect 10 Diet.

For Patricia, sugar was the problem. Dr. Aziz found through testing that her sugar levels were unhealthy, causing a hormone imbalance in her body. This imbalance resulted in weight gain and overall deteriorating health. Patricia knew a lifestyle change was necessary, so she began the Perfect 10 Diet.

With the revolutionary science and insights from Dr. Aziz’s book, Patricia has lost 35 pounds. She feels that her overall health has improved tremendously, and she notices positive differences in her body, skin, and entire outlook on life. According to Patricia, the Perfect 10 Diet didn’t remove any foods from her life; it just taught her to make sense of how and what to eat to ensure total wellness.

In the recent economic downturn, Patricia was laid off from her job. Even with the added stress, she affirms that the Perfect 10 Diet helped her to manage anxiety and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the toughest of times. Patricia has lost weight, controlled her hunger, and gained a more positive mentality just by balancing her body’s hormones to make them a Perfect 10.