Real Results—Tanya's Perfect 10 Diet Success Story

Starting weight: 224 lbs.
Current weight: 180 lbs.

Tanya was born in Russia and came to the United States in 1981. She currently lives in Staten Island with her husband and children. Tanya started the Perfect 10 Diet in September/October of 2008 and weighed about 224 pounds. She struggled with fluctuating weight for some time due to pregnancies, yo-yo dieting, and unhealthy habits. None of the diets she tried were particularly successful, and they often resulted in her cheating. She began the Perfect 10 Diet and found it easy to understand and simple to follow, without needing to cheat. The diet allowed her to eat a little bit of everything so she never felt deprived. By March of 2009 she had lost 44 pounds and was down to a weight of 180. She continues to follow the Perfect 10 Diet today.