Real Results—Eugenia's Perfect 10 Diet Success Story

I should have started the Perfect 10 Diet a long time ago!

24 years old
Lost 25 pounds

Graduating from college and knowing that a full-time job was waiting for me at Sourcebooks was a great feeling, but it was also a huge change in my daily routine. Long days at work, relaxing in front of the TV at home, going out to eat with friends and co-workers, snacking by the computer... You don't notice how unwanted pounds pile on one by one. At only 24 years old, I was 160 pounds. I dreaded taking pictures and started to truly believe that the camera adds 20 pounds. It was time for a change.

When I read The Perfect 10 Diet, it all made sense to me. You can still eat your favorite foods, feel great, and lose up to 14 pounds in 21 days. It wasn't difficult to start the diet, but what's even more impressive is that it was easy to follow, and it was easy to find the right foods to eat anywhere. I started exercising 3 to 4 times a week. The first 3 weeks were amazing. I couldn't wait to get on the scale to see how many pounds I had lost. After 21 days, as promised, I was 15 pounds down. That was the best motivation to keep on going.

I am 135 pounds now, 25 pounds lighter! I like what I eat. I feel energetic. I love the fact that my old jeans are WAY too big now! And it's all thanks to the Perfect 10 Diet.

There is one thing I regret though: I should have started the Perfect 10 Diet a long time ago! It really works.